Good Quality VS Cheaper Price. Why Choose When You Can Have Both?

By Alpro Pharmacy

October 1, 2021

Mimitakara is the hearing aids that features the latest technology from Japan, which utilized speech processor to help those in need for better hearing in different environment. It is founded by an audiologist engineer that has 15 years’ experience in creating and developing hearing technology. Mimitakara hearing aids do not only focus on delivering one of the most affordable hearing aids in Malaysia to the community but also the premium quality of the product as customer satisfaction is Mimitakara’s top priority. Mimitakara hearing aids are approved by Medical Device Authority (MDA) Malaysia, as well as Food & Drugs Administration (FDA).

Putting the customer first is Mimitakara’s priority and thus delivering quality service by qualified audiologist is essential. Mimitakara’s audiologists have full passion in giving their best to the customers and they are always prepared to provide service and assistance whenever the customers need them. For first-time hearing aids users, tuning need to be done frequently to reach the comfort level of the customer and at the same time giving the correct amount of gain without affecting the speech audibility and speech understanding.

Mimitakara provides an easier way for the customers to tune their hearing aids wherever they are. With Mimitakara cloud-based system, tuning is possible for the customers according to their real-life environment, which represent more of their daily life and give the correct tuning needed by the customers. We will directly send the new tuning settings to the Mimitakara hearing aids via phone. And with just one click on their phone, they will be able to enjoy the Mimitakara hearing aids at the fullest.

Mimitakara hearing aids also allow user to have full control on their hearing aids. With Mimitakara myHearing app, it allows the user to control the volume and also the sound clarity accordingly. This is very important for the hearing aids user to have the ability to control the volume as they face different environment daily. Each different environment requires different settings.

With Mimitakara myHearing app, it helps the customer to adjust the volume accordingly and provide Mimitakara users the maximum satisfaction while using the hearing aids. Besides that, Mimitakara users do not have to worry listening in a noisy environment as they have the full ability to control their hearing preference.

Mimitakara hearing aids also provide rental program & 100 days buy back guarantee. Mimitakara is the pioneer in Malaysia that provides its customers with this service as they understand customer needs. With this program, Mimitakara believes that they can help their users to use Mimitakara hearing aids without any worry.

Mimitakara put their customer needs as top priority and making their dreams come true. Mimitakara strives to make sure their customers have the most benefits from Mimitakara hearing aids and to be able to enjoy at different environments without struggling anymore. Mimitakara also ensure the service that is being delivered to every customer is of top-notch and world-class service, making sure the customer return home with a big smile. Mimitakara wants to help and serve every customer with passion and love. Love, is being able to hear.

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