Easy-Peasy Plate @ Chapatti Shawarma Delight

By Alpro Pharmacy Jalan Munshi Abdullah

December 30, 2020


Chapatto Shawarma Delight

Nutritionist & Dietitian says: You can enjoy all the health benefits of nutrients in just one bite!

Level: Easy

Total: 40 min

Prep: 30 min

Inactive: 20 min

Total: 50 min

Yield: 1-2 Servings


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  • For the marination:
  • •             2 tbsp plain yogurt

    •             1 tbsp virgin olive oil

    •             1/2 tsp ground tumeric

    •             1/2  tsp ground cumin

    •             1 tbsp curry powder

    •             2 cloves chopped garlic

    •             1 pcs minced chille

    •             1 tbsp chilli powder

    •             1/8 tsp sea salt

    For the roll:

    •             1/2 cup atta flour

    •             1/3 cup water

    •             1 tbsp chia seed

    •             1 tbsp Vigrin coconut oil

    For the sauce:

    •             3 pcs green chillies

    •             3 handful spinach (palak)

    •             1 tbsp virgin coconut oil

    •             1 piece chopped onion

    •             2 cloves chopped garlic

    •             1 tbsp curry powder

    •             1 tsp cumin powder

    •             1 scoop grean peas

    •             1/2 tsp salt

    For plating:

    •             3 pcs cherry tomatoes

    •             4 pcs lettuce

    •             1/2 pcs medium apple


For the marination:
  1. Mixed all the marinate together in a bowl, mixed well
  2. Add the chicken breast which had been cut into cube into the marinate mixture and sit for 20 mins.

For the Roll:

  1. Add together the atta flour, water and chia seed into a bowl and make into a dough
  2. Weigh 100g and knead into a flat dough.
  3. In a pan, add 1 tbsp virgin coconut and grilled the flat dough until cooked.


For the Sauce:

  1. Blanch the green chilie and spinach in boiling water for 3 mins, then blend it using a blender into fine paste.
  2. In a pan, add in virgin coconut oil, onion and garlic, fry until golden brown.
  3. Add in the blended mixture, curry powder cumin powder, green pea and salt, bring to boiled.


For Plating:

    1. Decorate the plate with cherry tomatoes, lettuce, medium apple and serve all the above dish in ‘suku-suku separuh’ style.
    2. Roll all the dish and vegetables in the chapatti and enjoy!!
Words from Nutritionist & Dietitian

Shawarma chicken marinated with yogurt, virgin olive oil and spices providing a juicy and tender chicken breast meat which loaded with antioxidant. The chicken is rolled in chia seed chapatti which provide good source of carbohydrates, soluble fibre and omega-3. Rolled together with lettuce and cherry tomato as well as palak(spinach) green pea curry as the sauce providing a good source of insoluble fibre, vitamins and mineral. The delicated dish provide a balanced diet which consist of carbohydrate, protein, fibre and healthy fat. All the ingredient are rolled in the chapatti and thus you can enjoyed all the health benefit nutrient in just one bite!

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