Patient’s Drug Adherence Programme

By Alpro Pharmacy

January 1, 2016

Written by: Ph. Lim En Ni

A tailored-made approach for better medication management

Medication adherence gives a positive impact on a patient’s health outcomes. Aside from face-to-face intervention when a patient came into the community pharmacy for a medication refill, continuous care such as mobile text messaging is effective to increase drug adherence.

With the assistance of technology, Alpro Pharmacy takes the lead to initiate this nationwide patient programme. It is a 360 degree-approach, connecting professionals and patient. Bi-weekly, enrolled patient will receive education information related to the medications they take for a period of 12 months.

This programme is FREE for Alpro Pharmacy registered members as an appreciation and motivation to improve the entire medication-taking experience. We are dedicated to empowering users in understanding their medications better, reducing side effects and optimized the usage of medication in chronic disease management.

Enrolment is upon invitation through SMS.
And user can opt-out the service anytime in future by writing to us at or call us at 019-7500612

Medication Safety Our Priority

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