All About Easy-Peasy Plate~~

By Kaijia

December 29, 2020

What can be Easier than the Easy-Peasy Plate!

Malaysia, is the heaven for good food.

As a dietitian, I always hear my clients or friends and family telling me how difficult it is to practice healthy eating or lifestyle. “I feel like I need to makan rumput to practice healthy diet” It was a joke, but it made me think, real hard, on how to make it easier.

Healthy Eating should be fun and easy to accomplish. And hence, we have this “Easy Peasy Plate”

Food Pyramid is the history, now is the era of “Suku-Suku Separuh”

When we launch this Easy-Peasy Plate, we believe that the most important part is to learn the healthy portion sizes. You can eat almost everything, but what matters is the “portion”

All you have to do is divide your plate into THREE parts:

A. 1st Quarter-Carbohydrate

This will include bread, oat, rice, pea, corn, potatoes and etc. Fill half your grains whole to achieve better movement and overall health

You need not escape all the carbohydrates to loose weight, they are equivalently important.

B. 2nd Quarter-Protein

Meat, chicken, fish, bean curd, egg or milk can be good sources of protein. However always remember to keep your protein choices lean. Try to avoid or removes all the fats attached to the meat. Cooking method also matters. Go steam, bake, or soup instead of deep frying.

B. Half of the plate should be fruits and vegetables

Have a variety of fruits and vegetables in your plate every day. Try to achieve 7 colours in a day and make your plate a rainbow! Every different colour or types of fruits and vegetable provides different antioxidants, mineral and vitamins.

With that, your plate is ready to be served! Easily we can achieve balance, moderate and variety in a single plate. Just a simple act, and you can make a different to your LIFE!

With the Easy-Peasy Plate, Eating is so Enjoying!  

When you go to a Michelin Star restaurant, plating is crucial. It gives you the “mood” to eat! So, we design the plate to be stylish and elegant.

When you think on “portioning”, people always relate it to the hospital-food. Not anymore with the Easy-Peasy Plate, design together with an Italian designer, you are definitely the trendiest person on a dining table.

Just 24 stamps for a FREE Easy-Peasy Plate!  

What could be better? You can get it for free! Start collecting the stamps for every RM30 you spent in Alpro Pharmacy and get this wonderful plate for yourself and your love ones! It is the perfect gift for someone you treasure in all festive including Chinese New Year.


Easy Peasy Plate! Let’s Do this together! 
Remember 3 C’s of Life:
You must make a Choice to take a Chance or your Life will Never Change

~ A warm Message from Alpro Dietitians and Nutritionist

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